Healthcare institutions face diverse challenges in attempting to enhance patient care while controlling healthcare delivery costs. ERP solution is designed specifically to transform and optimize business processes that meet today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare industry challenges.

Healthcare ERP include integrated design, modular structure, Multi-Level security and easily customizable.

GUI based and user friendly with following salient features:
  • Single integrated view to patients for billing, collections, patient medical history, discharge detail etc.
  • Easy query handling for instant decision of bed allocation for patients and request for the bed transfers.
  • General and standardized health packages for the OPD&IPD patients.
  • Built in work flow management for all functional areas.
  • Effective search facility to search any type of information related to patient’s history through business process integration between procurement, logistics and finance.
  • Easy, consolidates financial reporting based on transparent data.

ERP will provide streamlined, fully-integrated and highly automated IT framework for healthcare providers with a low total cost of ownership.

It smoothly integrates with existing technology like your hospital information system using healthcare industry integration standards.

To maximize profits, reduce costs and achieve a seamless healthcare continuum, it is imperative to improve the efficiency of back-end business functions across supply chain management, inventory management, patient relationship management, human resources, finance and billing.

It can be achieved by business process optimization and technology enablement through successful healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation.

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