ERP Systems in Education are designed to help you drive higher performance in your higher education institution. Improve enrollment and student success, reduce operating costs, and increase constituent contributions. It has built in controls to streamline and optimize constituent services and school operations right from the beginning till the end. ERP systems offer performance insights across all departments to help your institution nurture constituent relationships and drive superior results.

Integrated data access is available anytime and anywhere for authorized users, promoting collaboration, user satisfaction, and efficacy in various departments of an educational institution. ERP systems are highly adaptable-use them as stand-alone solutions or add them to extend the functionality of your other systems to make better business decisions for your institution.

Academic Services

  • Budget, project, and plan programs and resources.
  • Streamline course selection process and give students greater control to reach their education goals.
  • Manage timely, accurate registration, real-time course checking, automated room monitoring, wait listing, and walk-ins.
  • Grant instructors anytime, anywhere access to class lists, student schedules, and grading.
  • Plan, develop, and organize curricula to offer the right courses at the right time .
  • Track enterprise-wide financial data and manage institutional budgets.
  • Control access to critical information and eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Integrate financial and student records for reliable access to current information.
  • Increase productivity and accuracy with time-saving features.
  • Benefit from real-time financial systems integration.
Human Resources
  • Securely collect and maintain critical HR information.
  • Monitor time and attendance.
  • Process payroll.
  • Manage positions.
  • Define and maintain benefits.
  • Track, manage, and maintain compensation.
  • Simplify comprehensive reporting.
  • Meet your enrollment goals with precision.
  • Identify and recruit the best candidates for your institution.
  • Streamline, simplify, and automate your admissions processes.
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